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The Monte Cucco Cave is  more than 30 kilometres long and more than 900 meters deep. It is one of the most important underground systems in Europe and its definately one of the most studied caves in the world.
This natural attraction, until few years ago, could only be visited by expert cavers but now is open for 900 meters for anyone who wishes to live an unique experience. This journey will stimulates your senses with the sound of the water eroding  the rocks, the smell of the mountain depths and the sight of the limestone inside the cave.
Tra Montana since 2015 association official manager of the Cave of Monte Cucco.
Possibility of three itineraries suitable for everyone, accompanied by the guides of Tra Montana:
  • DISCOVERY ROUTE - duration 3 hours - visit to the main rooms of the cave through a comfortable and safe tourist route
  • CROSSING ROUTE - duration 5 hours - extended visit of the tourist route with complete crossing of the mountain
  • ADVENTURE ROUTE - duration 5 hours - caving route accompanied by certified guides and instructors
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